Pricing for your acupuncture session:

~90 minutes: $105~~~~for your acupuncture & natural therapeutics session.

~$140 for an acupuncture session along with a Chinese Herbal Consultation.

~$90 for a one hour Chinese Herbal Consultation.  Your herbal formula will be sent to the Chinese Herbal Dispensary at Bastyr on Stoneway Ave for pick up or mail order.


"There are really no words to convey the deep level of peace that rises to the surface when Sue works on you.  Her listening skills, not just to what I am saying but to what my body needs are impeccable.  Her touch is amazing.  And Sue herself is just the most wonderful ball of energy!  You can't help feeling better just being in her presence.  I can't recommend her highly enough, and I have ridiculously high standards because I myself am a healer."

A traditional Acupuncture appointment with Susan Wadden includes moxa therapy along with a deep tissue technique known as 'cupping'. The Acupuncture needles used are refined Japanese Seirin, which are known for their painless insertion.  Your natural therapeutic session also includes a bio-tuning technique that involves the application of gem tipped tuning forks along the fascia lines of the body known as meridians.  Tibetan Bowls and soft music accompany your treatment which promotes peace of mind and harmony on all levels.  Time for your tailored health consultation is included in every treatment session.  I provide herbal and nutritional recommendations based on your diagnosis which will support your path to vitality and radiance.  Inner health is your most valuable resource and my mission is to help you achieve all of your goals with the most current research available. 

email to schedule your acupuncture or your acupuncture & natural therapeutics healing session.  

Choose ~45 minutes,

~~one hour & 45 minutes,

or ~two hours and 15 minutes. 

If you'd like to schedule as a 'pair', simply let me know and we'll find time accordingly.

           Days and Times:

Mondays:  12 noon to evening. Last appointment scheduled at 5:30 p.m.

Tuesday through Thursday: 9:30 a.m. to evening.  Last appointment scheduled at 6:30 p.m.

Friday:  9 a.m. to early afternoon.  Last appointment scheduled at 4 p.m.

Recent publications and articles: 

An interview with Susan Wadden at Bastyr University alumni news.

Oriental Medicine Journal:  Summer 2003 Volume 11 Issue 3 entitled:

A Harmonic Approach to Oriental Medicine by Sue Wadden M.S. L.Ac.

Oriental Medicine Journal:  Earth/Late Summer 2014:  Volume 22, No. 5

Genetics and the Birthing Nature of Earth by Sue Wadden M.S. L.Ac.

"Our mission is to inform, educate, and provide a forum for debate and exchange of information about all aspects of Oriental Medicine and its interface with other medicines both ancient AND modern".  OMJ

Contributors:  Susan Wadden  L.Ac.  graduate of the University of Massachusetts with a degree in Preventative Medicine, graduate of Bastyr University with a degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. 

"In her article, Sue Wadden takes us on a fascinating tour of the Eight Extraordinary vessels, the I Ching, ancient shamanism, planetary influences, the Blood, the Heart, and Type II Diabetes.  "What enchanting force would relinquish the exquisite freedom of pure spirit in exchange for the enclosed burden of our biology", Sue postulates.  What fragrance could possibly have been sweet enough to entice us into the ocean of the womb".



Be still and let the world revolve itself around you. The source of your vitality dwells in your heart.

"Sue is very kind.  She listens to all of your woes, all the while carrying on a thoughtful conversation about your life at the moment.  Her place of business is very relaxing and the whole experience is akin to spending an entire day at the Spa.  You are not just receiving a good and wholesome treatment; you are receiving a deeply relaxing massage which usually leads to falling asleep on the table.  Sue has treated various sports injuries of mine and I owe my prolonged life on the basketball court to her.  I highly recommend Sue to everyone who is seeking physical or any kind of wellness therapy".