In my Acupuncture practice I strive to unravel very complex health imbalances with natural therapeutics that include sound harmonic attunements, gem and flower essence healing, organic essential oil therapies, sophisticated Chinese Herbal Formulas and mineral rich live nutrition that support the photonic cellular expression of our life force. 

 My natural therapeutics practice is also based on the Esoteric Acupuncture principles taught by Dr. Mikio Sankey who aspires to the principles of illuminating the electromagnetic fields of the body that are intelligent, specific and holographic in nature.   

There is a rich heritage still thriving in the plant and mineral based medicine teachings that continue to stand the test of time.  However, we need a healthy planet for this medicine to be sustained.  We need clean water, clean air, the eradication of the nuclear industry, an economy based on humanitarian principles, good soil, and the protection of heirloom seeds.   We sincerely need better global Laws to protect our natural habitats.  Every continent, every nation, every eco- system, and every bio-diverse region on the planet should be protected by Global Laws that include the health and well being of our natural resources. We also need to protect our water.  It is the most sacred resource that we have on this earth.  Anyone who forfeits this principle for corporate or individual gain should be prosecuted.    

Ghandi said that he liked the idea of "civilization" but that he hadn't yet seen it.     

Activating the life force requires a dedication to understanding the motivations of the force itself.  Life wants to express itself through the elements of the earth including all plants and minerals.  We heal from within with these natural vibrational influences.  We are conduits for this vital expression of life. 



Children naturally gravitate to this work; they see it as their heritage.  A world of peace and harmony is waiting for them.  Hospitals and schools that do not embrace the teachings of nature based forces will not continue to thrive. This new generation of young people know that the earth is a living entity which supports and sustains us. This new field of vibrational medicine embraces the most advanced concepts in physics such as bio-photonic principles, electro magnetic field therapies that reorient biological force fields and the many dimensional realms that support our most vivid expressions of our health and vitality. We are living in a new time where medicine no longer comes in the form of a pill.  Harmony, Life Force, affinity with nature and the understanding of complex patterns all play into this new field of Harmonic Medicine. The integration of herbs, living foods, acupuncture, sound therapy, and gem essences will become more and more prominent and legitimized.  Even more advanced medicines that include dimensional therapies of flower and crystal infused living water will begin to flourish in the next blink of your eyes.  This time has already arrived.

"nothing surpasses the mystery

of stillness".

ee cummings

 "I give the credit of my pregnancy to Sue's expertise, patience and ingenuity to think outside of the box for all of us who don't fit into a 'normal' range of fertility parameters."