In order to understand the true nature of healing, one must look beyond the Western mind such that the invisible is made tangible through a more elegant and refined lens of reality. East Asian Medicine is a form of healing that has diagnosed, treated and prevented illness for over twenty three centuries. Known for its ability to treat both acute and chronic conditions, this unique modality seeks to enhance the light and life force known as Qi in each individual. Based on the principles of the teachings of the Tao, this form of medicine restores not only our health but our wellness which includes a peaceful heart and a vivid sense of purpose.


With over 26 years of working in the field of natural therapeutics as a certified acupressure therapist, acupuncturist, western herbal practitioner and licensed Chinese Herbal Medical Practitioner, Sue will be a valuable resource for all aspects of your health and wellness. Her work integrates nutritional support, body work, sound harmonic therapies, clinical aromatherapy and acupuncture such that your experience will fortify your body while relaxing your mind and heart.

"Sue is an enlightened and caring professional in the field of wellness.  Her ability to assess your situation clearly and affect change immediately is amazing.  I have been a client of Sue's for over a decade; the positive results from every acupuncture sessions have been consistently beneficial on many levels.  I eagerly recommend for anyone to visit Sue to treat specific muscular and health issues as well as overall energy boosts since she has a wealth of well rounded knowledge and tools that assist in her unique system of wellness which meets the needs of each person individually."

Herbal remedies, Healing Vibrations, Precious stones, natural plant essences, massage and acupuncture meridian alignment allows for healing to emerge from within.  Experience health and vitality on all levels of your being with Luxury Wellness.

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Compassion can only be cultivated through practice.  Kindness is one of the great common graces of humanity, and it too is a practice.